Jul 272012

We often find ourselves in a “cloudy” place.. and it has nothing to do with weather.

I’ve drawn a ‘cloudymeter’ to illustrate:

Unplanned apathy with a chance of sadness..

So if you ever see me tweet that we are having “cloudy days”, please refer to the above.


Zackary =:3

ps. thanks @pasikas for the idea!


Aug 102010

After 2 crazy weeks, we have completed the latest A Little Somebunny’s Creation project, a short film written and directed by me, Zackary Rabbit.

It was a scary decision to not be the star in my own film. But after thinking about it hard, I thought my brother, BigGuy aka BG was most suited for the part.
We had several hiccups, like our new tripod being too tall for Rufus, but in the end, we were able to make things work.

I hope you will enjoy it!


Zackary =:3