Nov 162013

First, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to efurryone that took the time to draw an entry! I LOVE THEM ALL!! *snuggles*

It was so VERY difficult to decide a winner, as all of the drawings – crayon, pencil, pen, pencil crayon, digital, painted etc. – ALL were so exceptionally well done!!
I know it is sometimes intimidating to create and present your own artwork, so I am so happy to see so many anipals fearlessly picking up crayons and pens etc. to draw something bunnderful!!

I hope you will take a moment to browse through all the entries! They are all drawn with such love and character.
Please click here to browse drawings.
(If you click on any pic, you can see the enlarged version and scroll through all of the bunnderful drawings!)

For every entry we received, the participants name was written on a piece of paper and placed in a hat.
The random draw prize, one calendar of your choice, goes to:


Next, I present a new category:
This prize goes to:

@falahime’s brother with this beautiful masterpiece:

(click on image to biggify)

After much consideration, our judge (ITGUY) has decided!
For BEST DRAWING, the winner is:


CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners and to efurryone that participated!! *bunnyhugs*

Oct 282013

Here are some of our favourite pics from the hike!

Some nice scenery:

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Climbing up:

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Woah! Looking down!

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A beautiful shot of thoughtful Gregory:

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Check out the view!

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Who leaves these huge roots and branches along the path?!!

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Lookie! We’re SO high up!

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And an adorable shot of the group of up taken by Gregory’s human:

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Thanks for sharing the adventure with us!


– Zackary =:3


Oct 272013

After several hours tho, we were all pretty tired. Rufus was lagging behind.

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Rufus said he had to go.. behind a tree! ew. Hurry up, Rufus!!
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Gregory was such a pawesome bear. We were best buddies by the end of the hike!

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Here’s all of us at the end. Gregory was exhausted. Yes, Doc was with us the whole time, but he preferred to travel by backpack rather than walk himself. (smart Doc!! *rubbing sore feetpaws*)

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Rufus: When do we get to hang out with Gregory again? I like him a lot!

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Oct 242013

While we were trying to climb our way back up the rocky cliff side, we met a real Canadian BEAR!

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His name is Gregory. He said he didn’t meet many peeps.

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He showed us where the cool rocks were. (Rufus: Zackary! how did you get up there!!)

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And all the beautiful scenic spots!

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We climbed up REAL high!

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It was really peaceful and lovely!

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Oct 232013

The other weekend, we went on a little road trip! We put on some warm clothes and packed up our backpacks with yummy carrot snacks!

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The trail was called “Rabbits Run Trail”.. Altho, I didn’t meet any rabbits, so that’s kinda weird.

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There were cool cliffs!

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And lots of stairs..

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Did I mention there were LOTS of stairs?!!!

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Going down wasn’t too bad, but coming back up.. UGH!! my legs were SO TIRED!!

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Oct 222013

A Little Somebunny’s Creation have been working as fast as our plushie paws can work to put together THREE new 2014 Calendars to chose from!!

Choice A: Zackary Rabbit (that’s me!) and furrends 2014 Calendar – pictures of me and furrends doing stuff throughout the year!
2014 Zackary Rabbit and Furrends Calendar

Choice B: Silly spoof ads from the popular #cookinwifrabbits show – from Hindz Ketchup to Hopicana Carrot Juice!

2014 Commercial Ads from #cookinwifrabbits Calendar

Choice C: Delicious mouth watering food photos and silly antics from #cookinwifrabbits cooking show – Rabbits are the CHEF; NOT the Meal!!

2014 #cookinwifrabbits Calendar

You can purchase or view any of these new Calendars on Zazzle here:
2014 Zackary Rabbit and Furrends Calendar
2014 Commercial Ads from #cookinwifrabbits
2014 #cookinwifrabbits Calendar


A Little Somebunny’s Creation will be running a Drawing Contest until Nov 15.
There will be two prizes:
1. Best Drawing of me (and/or Rufus) – choice of any calendar* and pawtographed photo of #cookinwifrabbits cast
2. Random Door Prize – choice of any calendar* (All ya gotta do is enter!)

The rules for the drawing contest:
1. Find a picture of me(or Rufus or both) from any of the sites listed below and draw me(or Rufus or both) to the best of your ability!
2. Tweet me the link to your drawing by Nov 15, 2013 midnight EST. (CanBeSocial members can post picture on my wall)
The winner will be announced after the #cookinwifrabbits show the following day (Sat. Nov 16, 2013)

List of photo sites:
Zackary Rabbits Photos on Mobypictures
Zackary Rabbit Photos on Flickr
#cookinwifrabbits Photos
Zackary Rabbit Classic Photos

Also allowed are photos/screenshots from:
Zackary Rabbit Photos on CanBeSocial Social Network for Plushies, Pets and more!
Zackary Rabbit Videos on YouTube

Here are some sample drawings to give you guys some ideas!

Sample Drawing 1 (paw-painted by the amazing @rosieandcheeto)
Sample Drawing 1

Sample Drawing 2 (beautiful sketch from @falahime)
Sample Drawing 2

Good Luck to Efurryone!!
Zackary =:3

*Contest Calendars will not be made through Zazzle and may differ slightly in format. They will be printed in a local print shop. They are not spiral bound, but will have the same photos as the Zazzle Calendars.

Feb 092013

So for once, the weather forecasters were right. It started snowing this fine mist-like snow all night, then ALL DAY!

Here are some photos from the day WHILE it was still snowing:

So we opened the side door and the door had to push some snow away.

I should probably mention that there are TWO STEPS just outside to get to the door!!

It usually looks like this:


First we needed to get the snow off all the cars before we could start shoveling it. Doc offered to go and start the car to help warm it up!

Rufus started by trying to get the snow off the windshield:

Rufus clearing snow from car..

Notice how the fine mist of snow is STILL falling!!

Of course I had to help him:

getting snow off car..

Then we had to shovel the snow on the steps to the door:

trying to shovel the snow on the steps..

look how deep the snow on the steps are!!

Look at how much snow!!

Lookie how much snow!!

We let ITGuy do the rest with the snowblower.. but even poor snowblower sounded a bit wheezy!

And bonus! Here’s a few vids of Mia running around in the snow looking for her ball:

If that doesn’t work, please click here:

If the video doesn’t work, please click here:


Here’s some pics of the snow after it finally stopped falling the following morning in the morning sun:

pretty glistening morning snow

That’s not dust on the window, that’s the snow being blown around by the wind. It looks like pixie dust!! how pretty!!

pretty snow pixie dust!

Jan 242013

It’s been VERY cold this last little while. We got a fresh new blanket of snow!!

Since Doc is new to “winter”, we thought we’d take him out and make a snowbunny or snowbear together.

Unfortunately, the snow was the not the right type of snow. It was the fluffy kind, not the packing-snow kind 🙁

playing in the snow

But Doc did get to try a little snowboarding:

BearDoctor snowboarding

Rufus said he felt like someone was watching us.

Rufus in the snow

is someone there??

I think we’ll be safe up here!!

I think we're safe up here..

We built a rough snow fort for protection..


Rufus: *whispering* so uh.. what do we do? do we throw snow at it???


And then the “thing” came over and said “HI! I’m George! The Abominable Snowman!”

Hi! I'm George, the Abominable Snowman!

He is very friendly, and just wanted to play in the snow with us. But it was getting very cold, and the snow was blowing everywhere.

Doc said he was too cold and we should all go in.

Doc: time to go in! I'm cold!!

And so we all went in and had hot cocoa with marshmallows while sitting on the heat vents to dry out!!