Sep 182012

For the 3 people who will get this:

For the rest of you, if you care to find out, please view this ridiculously crazy korean pop music video:
Gangnam Style
(I’ve been addicted to this song for TWO weeks now!! UGH!)

  • I too am afflicted with Gangnam Style syndrome. If I don’t listen to/ watch the video at least twice daily, I become irrational, fevered, and extremely hard to deal with.
    Of course, these are my traits most of the time, so it’s really hard to get proper medication.
    PS… had it playing in my head at work and greeted a coworker by singing “Heyyyy, sexy lay-deh!” He was not amused. Killjoy.

  • This is fabbbalass…I have a new mantra!!! Gangmam Style