Happy Birthday!

Don't forget to send out electronic postcards to all your Playtrek Pals on their Birthday or any occasion!

New CONTEST Coming Soon!
Start coming up with ideas now for new all occasion eCards.

Also anyone who would like their website listed along with their birthday information just email me at playtrek@whataslacker.com or simply re-submit your b-day info so I can find the right day to add the info to :) 


This Birthday list is for everyone to use and enjoy. No one needs to feel obligated to send out gifts. This lists sole purpose is to give well wishes and greetings to all members on their Birthdays.


 I have just added websites to the information, so if you have a website and would like me to list it with your B-day info please fill out the submission form again (that way I can find your b-day on the calendar to add the link). 

If you have not yet submitted your Birthday please do.
Just Click Here and fill out the form.


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*As with the Playtrek page I have removed some of the elements of the emails to keep spammers at bay. This is a private page but just in case...better safe than sorry.
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