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Home / offers a fabulous selection of RHPS stuff including T-shirts, Action Figures, Caps, Stickers, Lunch Boxes, Posters, and more!

Rocky Horror T-Shirts!  
Great selection of RHSP tees in sizes from Med to 2X! Just the thing a Rocky fan needs!  
RHPS posters and other cool posters available here.

Cosmic Light: The Birth of a Cult Classic  
A new Rocky Horror book (1998) by Jim Whittaker, detailing the history of the play and film! 'Cosmic Light: The Birth of a Cult Classic' is getting rave reviews. Find out more about the book.  
Affordable Rocky Costumes, specializing in corsets (floorshow and Frank) but with costumes for all the main characters.

Crazed Imaginations: A Rocky Horror Fanzine  
Site provides information on Rocky Horror fanzine Crazed Imaginations: how to subscribe, back issues, sample articles and fan art.

Dark Age Toys  
Exclusive promoter and distributor of dark art,fantasy,horror,science fiction,paintings,posters,prints,cards,t-shirts, and action figures for Morning Fire Studios, including a submission link for new upcoming artists.

Dark Rocky Horror merchandise and collectibles  
Rocky Horror merchandise and collectibles from fan Bruce Cutter. More than 100 different collectibles, used and new: records and CDs (including many foreign cast CD's), posters, buttons, stickers, etc. and literary fanzine Dark Refrain. More than 10 years in the business: we ship worldwide.

Flatt World  
Charlie Flatt does it again. This time turning all our friends from RHPS into eight inch action fingures.

Interactive Rocky Horror  
A PC game based on RHPS starring Richard O'Brien and Christopher Lee.

Kaboom Cards  
RHPS greeting cards and postcards from Kaboom Cards.

Plus Size Style  
Platform heels in large sizes!!! We have your size. Take a look.

Poster Store @ The RHPS Search Engine  
RHPS posters. Get the famous lips, or a sweet transvestite or even the whole gang.

RHPS Store @ The RHPS Search Engine  
RHPS books, music and vidoes available here.

Vital Toys  
Rocky Horror action figures from Vital Toys.



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