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Another Rocky Horror Site....What The Hell  
Sounds, fanfic, a virgins guide to Rocky Horror and much more.

Cosmo's Factory  
Cosmo's Factory is dedicated to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Database, tons of images and fun trivia games, plus so much more.

Frank'N Furter's Castle  
FAN ART, photo, comments,ART in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Monna Lisa, Michelangelo's David, Adam's creation), other musical examples of TRANSGRESSION, links and much more on RHPS... (There is also an Italian version).

Franks Lab  
This site is dedicated to The Rocky Horror Show and misfits everywhere. Within these walls you will find links, scripts and other (hopefully) useful junkets connected to RHS.

Jamesexual's Rocky Horror  
A fan site. Gives info about RHPS in Atlanta and links, lyrics, cast, etc.

Let There Be Lips...  
Let There Be Lips' is a Rock Horror Picture Show webpage with a science fiction movie twist. It presents an annotated version of 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' and contains detailed information about each movie referenced in the movie's opening song written by Richard O'Brien.

Magenta Maddness At Castle Frank'N'Furter  
Pictures, animated gifs,lots of Magenta all over the place.

Melynda Kyle's Home Page  
A Rocky Horror Picture Show image collection.

Project: Shadow's Rocky Horror Page  
In the shadows of the night, even the darkest heart is a sweet transvestite at heart.

Rare RHPS Photo page  
Rare Behind the scenes photos from the

Riff Rag's Rocky Horror Home  
Archive of text and images from a RHPS zine.

Rocktart's Rocky Horror Show Site  
Dedicated to The Rocky Horror Show! Contains midis, poll, script, posties, photos, quiz and more!

Rocky Horror in the Den  
A brief look at the RHPS, with sound clips and guide of what to say and when as well as props to bring. Plays the theme song when the page loads.

Rocky Horror Picture Show  
This site is dedicated to the sexplosive Rocky Horror Picture Show which since its first production in 1975 has intoxicated its audiences worldwide with its fiendishly erotic tale of lust, corruption, obsession and glamour.

Rocky Horror Picture Show  
Images from the game and the movie plus the script and call lines.

The Frankenstein Place  
A general analysis of the film with story background and a RHPS bibliography.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fanlisting  
A simple fanlisting for fans of the film. If you're a fan then join, don't dream it, be it!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show  
The official from Twentieth Century FOX site for Rocky Horror.

Whats on the Slab  
Wizard Movie Reviews presents the greatiest cult movie of all time, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Includs sound clips, music clips, actor and actress bio's, pictures, trivia and more!



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